Our Novel: Little Dorrit

Our book for 2023-2024 will be Little Dorrit, which was published serially between December 1855 and June 1857. Charles Dickens’s father John was incarcerated in the Marshalsea debtor’s prison when the author was a young boy, and that experience helped to shape the novel.


The setting in the Marshalsea was only one of the elements Dickens drew from his own life when writing the novel. He had spent a good deal of his time in Italy, and even wrote a travelogue about that country called Pictures from Italy. In Little Dorrit, this experience again came in handy, as Dickens was able to send some of his characters to Italy to explore the same foreign landscape that he by then knew quite well.


Dickens’s increasingly unhappy marriage might also have played a role in his writing the novel, which features characters making themselves and those around them miserable out of a sense of duty to vows and promises made long ago. Dickens had recently renewed his acquaintance with Maria Beadnell, a woman he had loved and wanted to marry in his youth, but who by 1855 had grown into a very different woman than the one he remembered. Beadnell became his model for the hilariously comic Flora Finching in Little Dorrit.


Britain’s disastrous handling of the botched Crimean War influenced the book, too. Bureaucratic mismanagement of the war led to outbreaks of disease, similar to the plague that causes characters to be placed in quarantine at the beginning of the novel. Bureaucracy itself became the focus of some of Dickens’s most blistering satire as he introduced to Little Dorrit the Circumlocution Office, which no matter what it is supposed to do, inevitably finds a way not to do it.


Please join us for a year-long study of one of the most ambitious and beloved novels Dickens ever wrote.



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